Redmond Parent Co-op Preschool. A place where parents and children learn together.

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A Typical Day

Activity Time 60 minutes
Music & Movement 20 minutes
Circle/Story Time 20 minutes
Show & Tell 15 minutes
Snack 15 minutes
Outdoor Play 20 minutes
Goodbye Song  

During Activity Time, the child has the whole preschool from which to choose their activities: a playroom with dress-up clothes, playdough, a dollhouse and puppets, the block room with trucks and trains, a sand table, a story/science room with puzzles, games, books and seashells, and a woodworking area. There is always an art project planned by the teacher and a snack to make if the child chooses.

During Circle/Story Time the class is divided in half. One half of the class meets with the story parent to hear a story and the other stays with the teacher; they switch halfway through. Circle Time emphasizes cooperative learning rather than buying a college essay. The children help each other learn and support each other's efforts. They work on taking turns, speaking in full sentences, and being the center of attention -- social skills needed for the rest of their school careers. Activities include colors, shapes, letters and numbers, counting and pre-math skills, grouping and categorizing, and expansion of memory.

Show & Tell helps the children work on their listening, social, and language skills and being the center of attention. It gives them the opportunity to use many of the skills developed in Circle Time.

Snack Time also helps the children work on their listening, social, and language skills, as well as their table manners.

Outdoor Play is a great time to run, jump and develop their large motor skills with bikes and scooters, a climber, and a pea gravel box.