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Redmond Parent Cooperative Preschool is a cooperative parent education program affiliated with the Lake Washington Technical College. Our goal is to supply you with relevant and useful parenting information, while at the same time providing a nurturing environment for your child to grow and learn.

  • One parent per family is required to work one (1) day each week during the child's class time in one of seven rooms: Block, Woodworking, Dramatic Play, Story/Science, Art, Kitchen and Sand. Room assignments are posted on the class bulletin board and rotate every 2 weeks. Duties are posted in each room. Story room parent can bring a book or 2 from home, use preschool books, play a game, conduct a science experiment, etc. Kitchen parent brings a snack for the children to prepare and one for the parents to share.

  • One parent must attend the monthly parent education meeting. (Both parents are encouraged to attend.)

  • Co-op members must participate in the official, annual all-school fundraiser. The preschool is a nonprofit organization and holds one or more fundraisers each year. Proceeds raised cover toy replacement, new toy purchases, site improvements, and other miscellaneous expenditures.

  • Each member must serve on one committee. Average time spent on committee work is 2-4 hours each month.

  • Each member completes one Saturday cleaning with another member, which takes approximately 3 hours, and one bi-yearly clean-up with their whole class.